The Impossible Democracy in Libya

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Making a living on the internet is something many people try to do, but many times are unsuccessful. Within a few days, the “Silmiya” (peaceful) widespread uprising against the 42-year previous rule of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya had turned into an “armed battle” and very quickly the U.S. administration was in full gear backing the Libyan armed violent revolt, which has turned into a full scale civil conflict, regardless of being the identical world energy who officially label the authentic (according to the charter of the United Nations) armed defense of the Palestinian folks in opposition to the 34- year previous overseas navy occupation of Israel as “terrorism.”

When Ms. McGurk’s ex-husband brought her to courtroom, she claimed that the stomach dancing was therapeutic and he or she used it as a method for helping her cope with accidents that she acquired in a automotive accident some years earlier. Sadly for her, the decide was not so naive and ordered her to pay her ex-husband’s courtroom charges, as well as 60% from …