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The Tandem Trike: Is It the Best Bonding Experience?

The secret behind a strong and healthy relationship is through working together. It involves performing different activities together. Living together and travelling together has a significant impact on solidifying a marriage.

Under the travel part, a tandem trike has been known to strengthen a relationship further. The tandem bike is an ultimate test of friendship. It involves being in sync with each other, knowing their feelings and thoughts.

When riding a tandem trike, you are joined together without the potential of one being left behind. The basics of riding including relying on each other for the famously ‘divorce’ bike.

A single rider remains in control while the other works on the pedals while operating the engine. In addition, the non-pilot brings the riding experience to life as they are less engaged in the riding experience.

The best part about operating the bike is that the pilot rides at the back in an upright position, which provides the perfect view of the passenger in front. This is whether you are going to pedal or not.
Another common practice when riding the tandem with the pilot upfront, control the gears, brakes and steering.

The back passenger is also part of the riding experience since they have to pedal with both pedals attached to the same system. However, you both don’t need to keep vigil eyes on the road, as one partner can slack off.

Tandems are normally heavy. As part of big bikes, in case you are on a journey, you are in charge of the baggage of two.

You can have a try out on the hills with the pace offering a better experience compared to the flat terrain you are accustomed to. This requires two strong rides who can handle the speed of the single road bike with your partner.

The tandem riding experience has communication at the center of its operations. The stoker remains solely responsible for navigation while keeping a vigil eye on incoming traffic. They also initiate the start and stop of the bike to avoid toppling over when riding.

Compared to other riding bike, it is important to keep your weight central which is crucial for maintaining balance. It only takes a single rider to lean out of turn when riding at speed can result in an accident.

The pilot remains with the pressure of ensuring the safety of both partners. The stoker has to build a level of trust that they are in safe hands. With a heavy tandem trike, the two bodies accompanied with a number of panniers develop a beautiful and put together bullet cutting through the air.

There are a number of dangers that the biker run into especially on a tandem. The main issues revolves around the trust factor. Therefore, when riding a tandem trike you get to develop a sense of trust with your partner.

This presents a form of therapy for your relationship. You end up building a communication pattern filled with trust.

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